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To be Frank is a Melbourne based bakery with an emphasis on sustainability and community. We worked on a rebrand to help them visually stand out from their competitors while remaining authentic. What Belleville Studio created connects us back to the land where the grains have been grown. Landscapes of wheat fields are represented through graphic lines which can easily be used across different touch points. To be Frank then asked us to design their new ecommerce website and we took care of the UX/UI, copywriting and development.


Art Direction
Web Design

hospitality logo
hospitality visual identity

“The whole process was very streamlined. Each meeting was productive and a step forward. Belleville Studio was very professional to work with. We were extremely happy with how they captured our vision for our logo and branding. We know it can be difficult for someone else to capture another person's vision just through words however they did this perfectly.”

Lauren Parsons, To be Frank Co-founder

hospitality tote bag
hospitality mobile
hospitality brand guidelines

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