seasonal produce calendar


Belleville Studio created a seasonal produce calendar in collaboration with local illustrator Antra Švarcs. A beautiful tool and useful artwork, the wheel can be rotated through the year displaying what fruit and vegetables are in season based on the southern Australian climate.

Creative Director, Mathilde Delatte, grew up in France, Belgium and Switzerland, shopping at local markets with her mother and eating delicious seasonal produce. She hopes this calendar will find its way into your home, inspiring you to eat more locally grown food based on what is in season. We are lucky enough to have the calendar stocked at many stockists around Melbourne, including Readings and Blackhearts & Sparrows.

illustration from a local illustrator
seasonal produce artwork

“What a delight, and such a perfect gift for an aspiring gardener. The design is just beautiful and it will be a lovely job to decide on an appropriate place for it to reside. Such things just touch the senses do they not? Someone has taken such care with the design and arrangement of this, it takes it out of the banal – not to suggest it ever was – but it becomes an artwork within a beautiful object."

Judith Hosking

sustainable gift idea
locally designed and printed calendar

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